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Young woman in the sunset on the WILDLINE suspension bridge


Your way to us

The WILDLINE can be reached by all means of transport. A short walk through the forest always awaits you at the end.

By train

Starting at the train station Kurpark König Karl Straße the Sommerbergbahnstation is only a short walk away. It will bring you up the Sommerberg every 30 minutes. From the mountain station of the Sommerbergbahn it will take about 20 minutes to arrive at the WILDLINE.

By bus

Parking spaces for buses can only be found behind the train station on the right side in the Ladestraße. You get there following the signs leading to Parkhaus Stadtmitte. Beginning at those oarking spaces the WILDINE, the treetop path and the fairytale path „Das kalte Herz“ are easy to reach by using the Sommerbergbahn. Traveling groups can get off the buses at the train station or in the Kernerstraße. We also gladly offer to give further information or tips for groups travelling by bus.

By camper

There is a public parking space offered for campers at the Kurpark in the Kernerstraße. Starting there the WILDLINE can be reached by a short walk through the Kurpark and a ride with the mountain railway. We don‘t recommend driving up the Sommerberg by camper.

By car

There are 4 car parks situated directly in the city centre of Bad Wildbad. Starting there, the WILDINE, the tree top path and the fairytale path „Das kalte Herz“ are easy to reach using the Sommerbergbahn.

On the Sommerberg itself only limited places of paid parking are available. Please use the offered traffic guidance system. An overview over all parking spaces including free spaces can be found here:

As the WILDINE cannot be reached direxctly by car please also include a walk of 20 minutes in your planning.

By foot

For those who like to go by foot we recommend starting the visit completely relaxed at the free parking spaces at the sports complex of Bad Wildbad situated at the end of the village at the southern entrance to the Kurpark in the direction of Enzklösterle. From there on you can either use the paths leading up to the Sommerberg or take a walk of 20 minutes through the Kurpark and use the Sommerbergbahn.

If you want to take a hike directly there are three paths of different difficulties:

Walter-Speer-Weg (A)

Length 6 km

Difficulty medium

Sommersteige (B)

Length 4 km

Difficulty medium

Walter-Schmauder-Steig (C)

Length 3,5 km

Difficulty hard

All paths have an elevation gain of about 300 metres from the valley up to the Sommerberg. All paths are marked from the parking lot Marienruhe.

Our Locations

Other bridge locations

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